What is Valet Parking?

Valet parking is a service offered by many stores, restaurants, and other businesses that allows a customer to have their vehicle parked for them. The service requires a fee to be paid by a customer in exchange of having their car parked. The employee who parks the cars is called a Valet and is typically an employee of a specific valet parking company. The fee is usually assessed at a flat rate but can be raised increased in relation to how long the car is being parked. It is customary in many cities to tip the valet a small amount for their services.

Valet parking is mostly offered in urban areas, where parking spaces are limited. As of result of scarce parking spaces, Valet parking is extremely convenient and efficient for people in a rush. Customers with reservations at restaurants, or carrying heavy loads, can drop off their cars at a valet service so they do not have to walk a far distance. Additionally, people can spare time from being wasted by dropping their car of at of a service, instead of hassling for a spot. Valet parking is particularly convenient during inclimate weather because customers can avoid walking in the rain or snow. Valet parking also highlights a luxuries lifestyle for many customers in comparison to self-parking. Many Valet services provide luxuries touches such as; pulling the car up to the front of the establishment, opening the doors for a client, and in some cases even washing the windows of the vehicle.

There are many different venues of valet services that offer different services. These include:

Single Event: This valet parking service is typically hired just for the evening. A wedding is a perfect example of a single event valet parking service.  Cars can be stacked in order of importance so that special guests can have easy access to their car.

Restaurant or Bar location: at a restaurant or bar, a Valet parking service can help to encourage patrons to attend their crowded establishment. Also expensive cars are typically parked towards the front of the lot to attract guests and discourage frugal patrons

Malls: Malls are another high vehicle traffic area where valet parking thrives. Tickets are given to customers who chose to valet so that when they are done shopping, they can easily pick up their car.

There are many applications for a valet parking service that can help to make many experiences more efficient and enjoyable.

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