Valet Parking Services FAQ

If you own a business, we recommend valet parking service NYC and valet parking service NJ. Providing valet for your patrons and customers has many benefits for your business. If you have a company in NJ or NYC and have thought about valet parking services, you probably have a lot of questions. We will go over the most common questions below.Valet Parking Service NYC

Why do I need valet parking?

Adding valet parking to your business has many added benefits. Providing valet for customers adds a sense of luxury. Clients will feel important having their car cared for. You will also be alleviating a lot of stress from your customers. Looking for parking in a popular area can be a hassle.  Sometimes clients may become so fed up that they will turn back around and never enter your business. If you have valet parking services for your clientele, it will show them that you value them and their time.

Are accidents common? If an accident does occur, what happens?

We provide professionally trained drivers, so accidents rarely happen. However, when and if they do occur, we are fully insured. Our insurance covers damages that occur while our drivers have a vehicle.

Where will you park cars?

If you do not have your own lot, cars will be parked on the street. All spots chosen will be scrutinized to ensure it is a legal and safe area.

If you’re considering valet parking NJ or NYC, let us be your first call. We can find the best service to fit your business’s needs.


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