Tips For Using Valet Services

It is always nice to have valet parking services available to you when you go out. There are some cities/towns that have ample parking for people, but that is not the case for NYC or cities in North Jersey. There are options when driving to NYC, but street parking can be a nightmare and garage parking could cost you a fortune. There is a certain stigma, as a result of movies like Ferris Bueller Day Off, about valet parking and the attendants who take and park cars. There is a scene in the film where the main character, Ferris, drops off a rare, expensive car with a valet who takes the car out for a joy ride. That is a false depiction of what valeting your car is like. Most services you find will hire trusted workers who have been trained in the field. There are a few things you can do for yourself to ensure that your valet parking services are optimal.

First, clean your car a bit and hide valuables. You don’t want to drop off your car and have a mess in the drivers set because that could make life more difficult for the person parking your car. This doesn’t mean make your car spotless, but at least make the driver-side section is clear of garbage and debris. Also, tuck away valuables, like GPS systems. Most valet attendants you will meet are honest, but sometimes there is one rotten apple in the bunch. The other reason is to not provoke theft while your car is parked in the lot. Sometimes people come through parking lots looking for easy things to grabs. Chances are nothing will happen, but it’s best to be safe.

It would also be a good idea to have the things you need ready. The loading and unloading area of a valet parking service can sometimes move quickly and get hectic, and no one wants to slow the whole system down. Have your things ready, pull up to the drop off area, and leave the car running. You will want to also tell the attendant of any problems in your car they may need to know about, as well as how long you intend to be staying. If you will know you won’t be long it will help to have your car parked close and in an easier spot.

Enjoy great valet parking services in NYC and NJ.

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