Parking Attendants

Supreme Valet Parking, Inc. will provide you with professional and courteous parking attendants. All of our attendants will be neatly groomed and uniformed. The attendant’s uniform will consist of an easily identifiable royal blue valet jacket, vest, bow tie, black slacks, and a white button down shirt. We have attendants that are fluent in Spanish, Russian, Greek and Albanian if needed.

Supreme Valet Services has strict hiring requirements. This includes a license background check with the State DMV the license was issued in (Available for all 50 States). The driving record is checked for any violations that might inhibit the safe operation of another person’s property. Before hiring, we conduct interviews with each potential employee to ensure that they are serious, trustworthy, and overall suitable for this position.

We give extensive training to our employees to make sure that they will make our customers satisfied. Trainees use company owned cars, and practice our parking regulations until we are confident in their ability to handle a customer’s vehicle. The parking safety standards we have developed insure that each establishment becomes a place where customers feel comfortable leaving their vehicles. This will ensure that your customer returns, because he/she feels confident and trusts our service.