Frequent Questions for Valet Parking Services

Hiring valet parking services in NY or NJ can help a business to grow and retain customers. Adding valet parking makes getting to and from your place easier than parking on the street or in a more private parking garage.  Not only does valet parking service add convenience to your business, but it also adds an extra layer of class and luxury that is hard to recreate in other ways. When a customer sees valet parking services, they make a connection between your place and high-quality goods and services. You may be thinking, with all these benefits, there must be some drawbacks. Below, we will be going over some common misconceptions that people have about valet parking.

My parking lot is small; how could I possibly set up valet parking? We work in all sorts of lots (different sizes and shapes). Regardless of the size of your place, we can set up services to meet the needs of you and your customers.

Will I waste money setting up these services? We work with each of our clients to custom tailor services. We do this to help save money and to be effective. We will determine the appropriate amount of valet parking attendants needed and how long the services should be set up for.

Can you set up residential parking services? Throughout NYC and NJ we set up valet parking services for commercial and residential properties. We work in larger communities with mansions and estates, as well as in suburban areas with street parking.

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