Avoid having your Patrons become another Parking Statistics

Parking in New York City requires that drives have three things: patience, luck, and an open-eye. Spots are limited considering the number of people with cars in the city, so at times parking can take substantial time. Valet Parking NJSome lucky individuals will find places quicker than others, but the finding of spots is mostly just luck. When people do see spots, they must be aware of the parking signs and regulations for the block. It is possible for you to help your customers and patrons avoid all the above frustrations and hassles. Wouldn’t it be nice to have people driving directly to your shop, restaurant, or event space without having to find a legal parking spot or an affordable parking garage? With our help, you can provide valet parking services NYC/NJ.

In the fiscal year of 2015, NYC took in almost 1.9 billion dollars in fees and fines. From 2012 to 2015, there was a 5.5% growth in the rate of tickets. Parking in no parking zones accounted for roughly 140,000 tickets, whereas mini-meter violations amounted to 220,000. It is easy to misread signs, and so violations are possible. When getting a ticket, fighting it can be tiresome and time-consuming. You do not want your customers to leave your place and find a ticket because it can ruin the whole experience. Help your patrons avoid becoming a statistic. Implement valet parking services NYC/NJ.

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