Should you Avoid D.I.Y Valet Parking Services

NYC, including its five boroughs, is one of the most congested and difficult places to park in the United States. The city has been systematically getting rid of street parking, and they are replacing those spots with bike lanes, walking paths, and bicycle parking. valet parking NY/NJAlthough the number of parking places is decreasing, the amount of car ownership in Manhattan and outer boroughs has increased.

Valet parking services offer enormous appeal in a large city like New York. Restaurant owners, museum curators, event plans, and the like can all benefit from adding valet parking as one of their services. If your restaurant is in a busy area with limited parking, how do you expect your patrons to get to you? Yes, some might make the trek, whereas others may choose a more convenient option for eating.

If valet parking is right for you and your establishment, it is essential to take the time and money to get services that will help and not hurt. What is lousy valet parking services and how can it hurt your business?

Do not hire people off Craig’s List that can claim to drive and have experience as a valet attendant. You should also avoid hiring friends and family (especially if they have no professional valet training). There are two big issues with utilizing D.I.Y valet services.

1) There is no telling the quality of their driving and parking ability, which means that accidents can and will happen

2) If your hired help damages cars, it now becomes the responsibility of the businesses insurance to recoup expenses for damages. We carry full coverage, and the liability for valet services is greatly minimized.

We set up complete valet parking in NY as well as valet parking NJ.

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